1Gb 40km 1310 1550nm bidi sfp optical transceiver TEG-MGBS40D3 for network cable


Condition New
Wavelength 1310/1550nm
Data Rate 1.25Gb/s
Distance 40KM
Connector LC
Fiber Type SFP
Warranty 3-Year
Time of delivery 1 day
Package 10pcs
Commercial temperature 0 to 70°C(32 to 158°F)

Tcompatible with all brands including :, Nortel, Juniper, 3COM, HUAWEI, H3C, Alcatel-lucent, FOUNDRY, D-Link EXTREME, Ruijie, NETGEAR, ZTE,Enterasys, ZyXEL, Linksys, Ericsson, DCN,Allied,SMC, Brocade, Force10, Hirschmann, Planet, Adtran,ASNTE, Trendnet, BDCOM, BLADE, BITWAY, Feixun…etc .

More Choices:

Part Number Data Rate Wavelength Mode Distance Fiber Type
TOP-SFP-1.25G-MMD 1.25G 850nm MM 550M SFP
TOP-SFP-1.25G-20D 1.25G 1310nm SM 10-20km SFP
TOP-SFP-1.25G-80D 1.25G 1310nm SM 80km SFP
TOP-SFP-2.5G-MMD 2.5G 850nm MM 300m SFP
TOP-SFP-2.5G-20D 2.5G 1310nm SM 20km SFP
TOP-SFP-2.5G-80D 2.5G 1550nm SM 80km SFP
TOP-SFP+10G-SR 10G 850nm MM 300m SFP+
TOP-SFP+10G-LR 10G 1310nm SM 10km SFP+
TOP-SFP+10G-ER 10G 1550nm SM 40km SFP+
TOP-SFP+10G-ZR 10G 1550nm SM 80km SFP+
BIDI SFP+ 10G 1270/1330nm SM 10-80km SFP+
CWDM SFP 1.25-2.5G 1270-1610nm SM 10-80km CWDM
DWDM SFP 1.25-2.5G C/L-Band ITU SM 10-80km DWDM
QSFP 40/100G 850-1550nm SM 100-40km QSFP
CFP 40/100G 850-1550nm SM 100-40km CFP